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The Okitagumi by GingaBishounen
The Okitagumi
I was so happy that Misha :iconrollypops: and Mochi agreed to have a Touken Ranbu and Hakuouki crossover photoshoot!
They both made and cosplayed Kashuu and Yasusada, who are the personifications of Okita Souji's swords in the game Touken Ranbu. Together, they comprise the Okitagumi.

Bullet; Blue Yamatonokami Yasusada (Touken Ranbu) - Mochi:

Bullet; Red Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Touken Ranbu) Misha :iconrollypops:

Bullet; Yellow Okita Souji (Hakuouki) - Costume and cosplay by me. 
More photos on my Facebook:

Bullet; Green Photo taken at AnimeFest 2015 by Hell or High Water Photography:…

Other photos from this set: 
:star: revamp  "Fighting Spirit":…
Hey everyone!  I know I've been awful at updating this page for years, but due to my current situation, I'll try and be more consistent about updating!
I attended A-Kon and AnimeFest 2015, and plan to go to Anime North Texas for the first time later this year.  There are also some photos that I'm excited to share!
Don't Move by GingaBishounen
Don't Move
"Don't move. Oh, my bad. I mean, you can move if you want, but it'd be very dangerous."

My friends and I got together for a Bakemonogatari group at AnimeFest 2014 and had a photoshoot in downtown Dallas!  We all like the Monogatari series very much, and of course had to recreate the stapler scene from the first season!  I am a dummy! 

Photographer - Nick G.:

Koyomi Araragi -…

Hitagi Senjougahara -
Made and cosplayed by :icongingabishounen: (

Series - Bakemonogatari

Other Bakemonogatari photos from me:…
Fighting Spirit by GingaBishounen
Fighting Spirit
"I can still fight!"

I watched Hakuouki around 2010, and immediately gravitated towards Okita Souji.  When we first met him, he gave off vibes of being a tough, sadistic, and skillful killer, but as his backstory was revealed to the audience, he turned out to be a quite caring and endearing person.  His determination to continue fighting for what he stood for despite his illness, a combination that ultimately lead to his demise, broke my heart at the end of the series.  He's a poignant, tragic character that I wanted to cosplay well, however I wasn't confident enough to make him at the time.

Fast forward 5 years later to 2015 when the Touken Ranbu online game was published.  A couple of my friends chose to cosplay Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamato no Kami Yasusada, who are Okita's swords from the game.  I had actively honed my sewing skills since 2013, so I felt like I could take on what has been a dream cosplay for years.  I constructed and sewed everything except the pants and boots within a month before AnimeFest 2015.

I had some bad luck when the wig I ordered for him had bangs that were too short to style into his hair.  It was a few days before the con, so I wasn't able to order another wig.  Luckily, I had a dark brown wig that was intended to be used for an Eren Jaeger cosplay that wound up working out for Okita (However, I want to thank Shizu-Bro and Ed, who brought a bunch of brown wigs to the con for me to try on when they read about my wig fiasco).  I also wound up finishing this cosplay around 11 am the day of the con(!), but ran out of time needed to add his fish designs on the lapels.   I also forgot my sash at home, and had to drive back to get it before finally leaving for the con.  >_<;;;   But despite all the mishaps, I felt confident and elated when I wore this cosplay, and felt very content with how it turned out.  For the first time ever, I didn't sweat the small details of an outfit and only felt at peace with it.  I had an excellent con, a fun photoshoot, and spent time with some of my closest cosplay friends.  This cosplay feels quite special to me, and I will continue working on the details so I can wear an updated version to a future con!  :)

Bullet; Green  This photo is by the talented Hell or High Water Photography:…

Cannot wait to share photos from the fun photoshoot!  :iconrollypops: is in it too!

Other photos from this set: 
:star: revamp  "The Okitagumi":…


Yu Hibari
United States

My name is Yu, and I am a cosplayer from Texas. I'm kind of awkward, a bit air-headed and have managed to establish myself as the nerdy joke-maker amongst the people I know. I like anime, manga, cosplaying along with the various skills it entails, science-y stuff and cute animals.

Thank you for stopping by my page! I hope you like what you see so far and I hope to post more cosplay photos :)
AnimeFest 2012 is the first con where I attended for more than one day (Friday and Saturday).  Since I live somewhat close to the venue and I had a student pass for the train, it was relatively easy to go.  I say relatively, since this was also the first year that I had work on Friday and class on Saturday!  

Thanks to Ed, who organized all the photoshoots!  All photos and post-processing by Ed.

When I was finished with my work duties for the day, I got on the train with Hoonie and went to the venue.  On this day, I cosplayed Fon from Katekyo Hitman Reborn for our extra small Reborn photoshoot, if it can even be called that.  For some reason, even though I started a week in advance, I slaved over the costume until the last moment and things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.  The waist was too narrow, the front of the paozi needed to have an additional piece of fabric added to it to make it longer, I couldn't take photos from the side or else it would reveal my wig clip, the paozi kept sticking onto and riding up my pants, I didn't have proper shoes, so on so forth.    I also did not bring any makeup this time around would be weird if I wore make-up to work so I look especially tired in photos from this con.  Prepare yourself for my terrible "I only got 3 hours of sleep for the past few days" face.  Am I going to regret these one day?  Probably not.:

 photo 337380_378467538889428_365538455_o_zps5460079e.jpg

 photo 257386_378468068889375_939733860_o_zps3e116512.jpg
Completely out of it...

 photo 191090_378467982222717_612347205_o_zps889355a7.jpg much so that I forgot to shave.  s'cuse me.

I must be a sucker for photos taken while I'm about to fall over and sleep.  Ah well, I can't find any other pictures of myself.  Of course, I wore the pacifier that Gokudera gave me from A-Kon.  Thank you!  I hang it in my room :)

Aaaand :iconkittytaisho:'s charming self was there!  By popular demand, :iconkittytaisho: cosplayed Mafia-boss!Tsuna from an image we found online.

 photo 330250_378468462222669_512634753_o_zpsc9960f67.jpg
What a charmer!

 photo 192884_378468702222645_1637507353_o_zpsef033e79.jpg
Super dashing :)  (More like trying to placate :iconkittytaisho: before I post the photos from Saturday :evillaugh:

Ed and Shizu were also there as Izaya and Shizuo from Durarara!

There was a moment where I made myself look like a complete jerk.  A girl asked me for a photo, so I did my usual 5 second primping to at least try and look neater for the photo.  I didn't want for the con badge to, perhaps, ruin the look of the cosplay, so I took it off and tossed it on the floor to the side.  I really intended to pick it up after the photo, but Hoonie picked it up instead.  @___@;;;;;  Gahhh, sorry and thank you Hoonie ;__;

I don't quite remember much else from this day.  I walked around a bit, ran into our Ryohei and other cosplay friends.  

Yes, you read that right.  I had class on Saturday from 10:00 to 12:45.  I'm terrible when it comes to reading the time, so my mind somehow read "1:45" and to my embarrassment, that was the time I told Hoonie and K to meet  up with me.  Somehow, we were still able to catch the train around 1:20 or so.  ;____;

Ok, this was by far the longest line for a badge I've stood in.  I think we stood in line for over 4 hours, it was ridiculous.  We got a late lunch/early dinner while we were waiting and I studied a bit.  I also took the time to go and change into my Firo Prochainezo cosplay.  Once again, no make-up because I didn't feel like bringing it and I was really tired.  Even so, a Tamaki cosplayer recognized my cosplay, which makes me feel very relieved.  At least my cosplay is recognizable!  Sorry to the Tamaki cosplayer for my really quiet acknowledgement, I was really tired, it had been 3 years since I had seen Ouran High and I completely forgot Tamaki's name!  Really, really sorry, I wasn't brushing you off.  T_T

When we FINALLY got out of the line,   I started looking for my friends since we had planned a Baccano group!  I got pretty lucky with the plans.  Firo has been on my cosplay list for a while and was my first choice to cosplay.  Unfortunately, when we were calling dibs on characters, someone else had expressed interest in cosplaying Firo a couple of hours before I was able to respond!   I chose Huey Laforet, but as the con got closer, the person who was originally going to be Firo had to withdraw because they had made bunches of cosplay plans and decided not to participate in this photoshoot.  So, I was able to cosplay Firo!

We went to the parking garage to take character photos that were meant to replicate the opening animation of Baccano and Ed did a great job on the post-processing!  Shizu as Chane had a relatively easy time with posing, Chels as Nice had to bend around awkwardly and I had issues with getting my fingers correctly positioned until I saw the image.  Kitty, who cosplayed Jacuzzi Splot had some HILARIOUS outtakes! Too bad Ed deleted them! We kept laughing at all the crazy faces Kitty made while trying to imitate Jacuzzi's expression which made Kitty laugh and get embarrassed  XD  It eventually got to the point where Shizu was like "Everyone turn around and don't make Kitty laugh!"  That was a really funny photoshoot.  

 photo 533616_365558980187575_1876195279_n_zps5c0e6c82.jpg

 photo 548169_365558970187576_1186168286_n_zpscedcfa9e.jpg

 photo 303288_365559000187573_438292093_n_zps29db3ea0.jpg

 photo 327204_378473342222181_1151556377_o_zps6cc5ea00.jpg
And I couldn't find the post-processed photo for :iconkittytaisho: as Jacuzzi Splot, so here is the original. (Though, I will grudgingly remove this one if you want me to.  Grudgingly!)

Ed cosplayed a bloody but still dashing Claire/Rail-Tracer.  Can't find any photos of that though :(
Our Gokudera originally was going to be Ennis but was unable to make it too :cry:  

Eventually, we decided to go inside the venue and chill since it was really hot outside.

 photo 192813_378474818888700_739800126_o_zps9a663ac9.jpg
Jacuzzi Splot!  Your love went right to my heart!  :heart:

 photo 287930_378474165555432_1372006723_o_zps74ce9314.jpg
Chels as Nice is always cool under the pressure.

 photo 192943_378473812222134_871960048_o_zps5a67b73e.jpg
Chane!  I really like this photo :)

Unfortunately, I watched Baccano 2 years ago in the middle of the night while dozing off to sleep, so I had forgotten a lot of characterization and plot. I just remembered that it had a non-linear story line, there were trains and Firo is a badass. Just kidding, I remember a little more than that.  At the con, people told me that Firo is apparently very protective of his hat. :facepalm:  Completely do not remember that.

Anyway, I'm really happy with how Firo turned out.  I need to get some suspenders, get a new hat that is much larger and I should have used the pattern for Takuto's jacket to make Firo's, but all in all, I'm quite pleased with this cosplay.  Of course, I want to cosplay Firo again after improvements, make-up and more sleep.

 photo 204944_378474752222040_871227699_o_zps0b51b581.jpg
Full body photo of my Firo cosplay!  I think I've done my best sewing job so far on his suit, but that's also because I started working on it about 3 weeks in advanced.

And I shall leave you all with a photo of our British knife fight.  No puppies, kittens or cosplayers were hurt in the process:
 photo 191029_378473995555449_93133618_o_zps7c1b2e5c.jpg
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(Journal entry must be pre-faced with:  Yeah, wooo!  I'm done with finals for this semester!)

With the next A-Kon around the corner, I've realised that I've never really done convention journals/con reports, but I suddenly felt like I should start documenting my time at cons.  As the number of conventions I attend increase, I really don't want for my experiences to start merging into one another.  I also want to start documenting incidents that I found amusing.  So, here is my roundup of experiences at cons I attended in 2012!

(This journal entry has lots of photos.  All photos by :iconmexicanime: unless noted.  Aside from Mewmewrith, I do not know any of the other cosplayers.  If you recognize yourself or a friend in these photos, please send me a message so that I may put them in the credits.  Also, if you don't want your photo posted here, please tell me!  I probably have a bunch of grammatical errors too...I'll be fixing them later.)

A-Kon 23

As usual, I attended the con on Saturday.  As usual, I originally had too many cosplays planned in advanced for this one and as usual, I only got one done.  I cosplayed Takuto Tsunashi from Star Driver.

 photo P1130877.jpg

Takuto is the first cosplay where I sewed part of my cosplay-the jacket-from a pattern.  Ironically, the first cosplay that I did major sewing on was Hibari from the year before and I drafted my own pattern for his vest.  Going from drafting from scratch to sewing from a pattern, isn't that kind of backwards?   Haha..... ^^;

 photo Takuto_Cos_zps0a5707d1.jpg
Photo by me

At the time, I spent 3 fearful days and nights before the con working on the cosplay, completely stressed and worried that I wouldn't be able to finish it on time.  I'm glad I managed to pull through and at the time, I was really proud of my jacket.  Looking back at it now, a year's kinda terrible, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right?  

 photo P1130846.jpg

I went with K to A-kon again.  I don't see her all year since school keeps me busy until summer break, so A-Kon is always a good opportunity to hang out and catch up.  K cosplayed Stocking from Panty and Stocking.  I remember we spent around half an hour combing out the wig at the con before we started roaming, haha!

A-Kon 24 was also the first con where I participated in a large group photoshoot without any of my usual cosplay friends/group.  Boy, was I in for a real surprise when I met with this group! :

 photo P1130962.jpg

You know, I'm really not that short in real life.  At school, I'm taller than most of my friends and I'm around the middle when it comes to height amongst the friends I cosplay with.  Admittedly, I felt a bit awkward about my height when it came to this group of people and the fact that Wako was taller than me didn't help much.  It could be the shoes, but I'm probably just deluding myself.  

 photo P1130863.jpg

 photo P1130856.jpg

 photo P1130880.jpg

 photo P1130898.jpg
A proper farewell.   (Kailey as Sakana-chan)

I really like looking at humorous cosplay photos myself, so it was nice to actually have the opportunity to try and create something that will make people laugh and reminisce over certain parts of the anime.  I admit that I am not very good at posing for these shots even though I keep telling myself that I will practice.  :|    Regardless, I had fun with the gag shots!

 photo P1130893.jpg
Takuto crying over Head and Sakana's farewell

 photo P1130906.jpg
"Why yes, Sugata, you shall help my plan come to fruition!"

 photo P1130908.jpg
Tauburn taking a swipe at Head....

 photo P1130913.jpg
....with Sakana-chan probably feeling vindicated.

 photo P1130917.jpg
Yeah, thanks for abandoning your son, Head!   (Dear lord, my posing is terrible....)

 photo P1130920.jpg
The Glittering Crux Brigade, with Professor Green, Manticore, Banker and Head  (I actually rather like this photo)

We moved over to the shaded side of the hotel.  A lot of cosplayers at A-Kon like taking photos in front of the glittery black stone wall. Around this time, I ran into another student from my school.  I called her name and waved at her, but she looked at me like I had gone nuts or something.  Probably because I look vastly different in cosplay and in real life, though I've had a close friend of mine recognize me from the back while I was leaving the con in 2011.  

 photo P1130950.jpg
The Glittering Crux ladies and their Banker lackey?!

 photo P1130970.jpg
Errrr, Tauburn, need help saving the damsel in distress?  

 photo P1130982.jpg
Wako, Sakana-chan and Manticore.

 photo P1130991.jpg
The Maidens, Wako and Sakana-chan.

The photoshoot took place around 2 in the afternoon at the beginning of June in Texas.  That means that even if I don't remember the weather forecast for that particular day, I'd still be accurate when I say that the weather was in the 95 to 105 degree Fahrenheit range.  We moved our photoshoot inside the hotel to cool off.

 photo P1130867.jpg
Seriously, I was probably thinking to myself "I'm burning!  I'm melting!  Get me outta here!"

 photo P1140005.jpg
My attempt to look sad or concerned over Sugata being injured while Wako cries.  I think I just wound up looking confused or something.  

 photo P1140020.jpg
Sakana-chan singing to Head.  I really think Sakana-chan had the best fight song, it was very epic and added to every Star Driver episode it appeared in!

I think we wound up lounging outside of a room playing J-Pop music videos.  Anyway, while we were taking group photos, some random guy comes up to snap a photo of the Kiriboshi ladies on his cellphone without even having the courtesy to ask.  That was really awkward.   After the con, I remember talking Mexicanime, the photographer for this set, about the sheer awkwardness of the situation.  Just.....people, just ask for a photo, ok?  It's not that difficult.

 photo P1140057.jpg
I know, they're really sexy and cute, but it'd be nice to just ask.

 photo P1140032.jpg
Help!  We're getting perved on by Professor Green!  

 photo P1140030.jpg
Sugata is not amused.

 photo P1140045.jpg
"King and Tauburn at my beck and call?  Along with a comfy chair?  This has got to be the best day of my life!"

 photo P1140048.jpg
Head:  "You can perv on me all you want!"
Professor Green: "Sorry, you're a bit too old to be my type."

 photo P1140070.jpg
Star Driver boys are really focused on making a fabulous star.

The Star Driver group was arranged by Mewmewrith (who cosplayed Sakana-chan) and :iconmexicanime: was our photographer.  :iconmexicanime: was booked the entire weekend with photoshoots, so I'm glad that he made some time to get photos of our group!  Also, thank you to Mewmewrith for getting the group together!  It was a different photoshoot experience, but still nice!  I'd like to fix my Takuto cosplay and make more costumes from Star Driver again one day.  I'll also get the poses down too!

 photo P1140073.jpg

My cosplay friends cosplayed the Arcobaleno from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.  I was really sad that I was not able to finish Fon for the photoshoot, but our Gokudera surprised me with a pacifier they made for my cosplay!  

There was a bit of drama amongst my cosplay friends, but we were all able to work the issue out peacefully.  Before I started going to cons, I had heard and read about volatile situations where friends and groups split up because of dissatisfaction over trivial and ludicrous things which made me apprehensive about participating in group photoshoots and such.  But the situation that happened at A-Kon really showed me why my cosplay friends are awesome.  Sure, friends sometimes have disputes and feelings get hurt, but everyone was able to settle things quickly and amicably in a mature fashion.  I couldn't ask for a better group.  :)

I got some small figurines in the dealer's room.  These mystery box figures are fun, it's pretty cool that I can usually get the figure I want if I shake the box a little and take note of how the figure is moving inside.  Yugioh was my after-school and Saturday morning cartoon during my middle school years and Seto Kaiba is my favorite character from the series, so of course I had to get the Blue Eyes White Dragon!  I'm glad I was able to pick him out after shaking 5 or so boxes, haha!   (Both photos by me)

 photo BlueEyesFigure_zps7c79bb05.png

 photo Takuto_ScarletBenio_Fig_zps4bd197b9.png
Also managed to get Takuto and Scarlet Benio!

At the time, I felt that this was probably the most awkward con I had attended since I didn't know most of the people at the photoshoot.   Even so, I experienced a lot of nostalgia while writing up this con report almost a year later, so I guess it wasn't that bad.  Thank you K for accompanying me!  All in all, this was a fun and interesting con.    (And now I want to cosplay from Star Driver again....)
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